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Latest Images (Jul. 27, 2006)

The following is a gallery of some of the elements from "Take Me Out at the Ball Game".  They're all in various stages of completion which is noted by their titles.

- Scenes - Props -

- Scenes -

"It All Started with a Teapot" - Complete

A quick image I did for the tournament I'm running over at

"It Lives in the Shed" - On hold

A scene from another aspect of PGØ. Nearly complete, I'm just waiting until I finish redesigning the main characters before I stick them back in the scene.

Tree-top Scene - On hold

Another scene from "Take Me Out at the Ball Game".  This scene is still in the early stages of production, however I have started filling in some of the details.

Trampoline Scene - On hold

The first nearly complete scene from "Take Me Out at the Ball Game".  Aside from some minor changes to the background, and a complete overhaul of the grass, this scene is finished and ready for animation.

Christmas Scene - Complete

A quick scene I did for Christmas last year.  Jimmy, as always, is oblivious as to what's going on around him.

Halloween Scene - Complete

Another quick holiday scene.  I wanted to reveal a bit about each character's personality with this image.

Wagon Pose - Complete

This started off as a posing test for the trampoline scene.  I liked how it turned out, so I decided to turn it into a seperate image.

Ballpark - Scrapped

The original set for the opening scene of "Take Me Out at the Ball Game". After some revisions to the storyboard, I've decided to completely re-design this scene.  I will reuse some of the elements but a lot will need to be redone.  This image was done almost a year before any of the above images so the style has changed quite a bit since then.

Fishing Scene - Complete

The image that started it all.  When I created this image I had no intentions of using the characters for anything else.  This image got such a positive reaction however, so I decided to take the idea further and see what I could come up with.  It eventually grew into PlayGroundZero.

- Props -

Wood Barrels - Complete

As common as these are in cartoon and video games, I don't think I've ever actually seen a real wooden barrel.

Water Barrel Raft - On hold

What better way to cross a nuclear pond than a dirty old raft made from rain barrels?

Soapbox Racer - Complete

A soapbox racer built by Billy and Jimmy.  Billy "drives" this thing in "Take Me Out at the Ball Game".

Nuclear Waste Barrels - Complete

You can't have a nuclear waste land without nuclear waste, can you?

Old Bike - Textures in progress

In the original story for "Take Me Out at the Ball Game" the characters were going to be riding around on bikes.  The story has since changed and the bikes are no longer necessary.  I think I'll toss it into the background of one of the scenes so all the work doesn't go to waste.

Wooden Crate - Complete

Another essential item for filling up a scene.  Damned if anyone knows what's in them.

Rusty Trampoline - Complete

Is it true that these rusty old things are dangerous?  Find out in "Take Me Out at the Ball Game".

Rusty Wagon - Complete

Billy and Jimmy's (t)rusty old little red wagon.

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